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How Large Do You Want Your Art?

Click here to view East & West

There are two formats offered at Megart.
The image at left is an example of the 3:4 format.
East & West at left and New Panorama , are the primary examples of the 3:4 format and have both been optimized for maximum print size of 39"x52". Price and size of the 3:4 format is as follows.

  • $30 = 12"X16"
  • $40 = 18"x24"
  • $75 = 24"x32"
  • $100 = 27"x36"
  • $140 = 30"x40"
  • $180 = 33"x44"
  • $225 = 36"x48"
  • $275 = 39"x52"

Click here to view The Unseen Hand
This image is an example of Megart's more typical 2:3 format. Unlike some other gallery images, The Unseen Hand is optimized for printing at the maximum size of 40"x60".

  • 12" X 18" print = $30
  • 20" X 30" print = $50
  • 24" X 36" print = $75.
  • 28" X 42" print = $125.
  • 32" X 48" print = $175.
  • 36" X 54" print = $225.
  • 40" X 60" print = $300.
    All prices include shipping & handling in the U.S.

  • The images in the Orchid Gallery are available as 12"x18" mini posters.
    The Hubble Gallery images are available up to 24" X 36".
    The images in the Landscape Photo gallery are available as prints sized between 12"x18" and 24"x36". The PayPal buttons at the bottom of the page provide detailed info on each image size and price available.
    Most images in the New Gallery are available as large as 36" X 54".
    MegArt computer generated Fractal Gallery images are custom rendered to provide exquisite depth and detail at even the largest of sizes, with nearly infinite possibilites for stacking tiles in every direction.

    Ink Jet Murals are available in up to 40"x90" print tiles, on Premium Epson Paper with Epson archival pigmented ink . See the Tiled Fractal page for more info.

    Indirect full spectrum light will best highlight the wide gamut of color and detailed texture in these prints. They will stay bright and vibrant for generations with standard care.

    Email me for these and other options. Custom collaboration considered.

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