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Dale Adcock - The Artist

Dale Adcock, digital graphic arts enthusiast

.....I have had a personal computer ever since the Vic 20 was first available back in the early 80s. As the graphic capabilities of the personal computer have grown, so has my interest in using the computer as a graphic arts medium. In the last two decades, I have learned to master the technology that allows me to unleash my creative self. I create images that are outside of the box of conventional art, throught the use of fractal generation, 3D rendering, and photo manipulation. Due to advances in computer technology and affordability, I have been able to finally put my off the wall imagination on the wall, as photographic quality art prints. With my new Epson wide format printer, lots of ram, and a passion for large scale detail, I can produce high resolution mural sized prints for an extremly affordable price.

The right combination of color, texture, and imagination, can spark an alternative, right brained, way of graphic arts appreciation. Computer generated art has fostered my abstract arts appreciation, as it has evolved into an art form of its own. Just as realistic painting evolved into varieties of more impressionistic styles, after photography developed, computer generated graphic artists like myself have no need to merely reproduce the beauty of our world. We are now able to create new landscapes outside of our everyday experiences. As a computer artist, I strive to render photo quality prints of beauty, out of imagination and technology, not just reproduce the Kodak moment.

The trio of 3D rendered surreal landscapes found on the "Digital Photo Prints" link on the Features page, are all light and mirrors. There are only 4 or 5 marble like objects in each picture. All the rest are mirrored images. These were rendered on an Amiga 1200 with Imagine 3.0. The effect is best appreciated at the full size and high resolution of a 24 megabyte Tiff file on a 16''X20'' Kodak photographic print, but you can also see it , at screen size, here at MegArt, for free. Other more varied 3D landscapes and space scapes, can be viewed in the New Gallery.

The fractal galleries found on the Features page, are colorful representations of math worlds, that I have discovered in my exploratory travels within 'Fractal Domains' for the Mac. Not all fractal worlds are beautiful, but I discovered some that I found awe inspiring, and placed them here for you to enjoy as well. The display includes a modified zoom function. All images are available as Epson art poster prints or large scale murals.

Many fractals have been altered with Photo Shop to make them even more interesting. Photo Shop is a wonderful tool for manipulating images. The Hubble Gallery honors the beauty of the heavens as seen through the eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope. Photo Shop allowed me to present our heaven's beauty in its best light, condensed and edited for the best parts.

The era of personal publishing is here, thanks to personal computer technology! If you are in need of original graphic images for the net or print, e- mail me with your requests. I can offer you original 13''X19'' photo quality paper ink jet poster prints of anything at MegArt, for as little as $20. For as little as $25, I offer 16''X20'' & 20" X 24" photographic prints of the trio of 3D surreal landscapes that are prominently displayed on the Features page. Larger murals can be custom made to fit your budget and wall space, with the same high resolution detail and color brilliance that you find here on my web site at screen size. I hope you enjoy the show half as much as I enjoyed creating my surreal & abstract 3D poster art. If you wish to take something home with you, you can download pictures by the screen full through your browser, or order the full sized poster print by using the order link at the bottom of most pages.

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These pages would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of my wife Margaret.