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3D Art Print Services

Custom prints of your digital images are available here, printed by an artist who cares about the results.

.....Concerning the poster: I am really impressed, it is absolutely beautiful. You really did not promise too much! --- Kai Schwenzer

.....The prints are perfect! They're really gorgeous - I went and selected frames and I just can't get over how good they look! I'm so grateful to you for everything. I'm now preparing a file for a magazine cover, and when that's complete I'll send another batch of 4 or 5 images to you for printing. ----- Cynthia Frederick

.....The print got here--amazing to look at! I put it low on a wall so everyone can peer closely at it. ---- Mike Gilbert

.....Thanks for your quick response in getting my print done. It is really great to have an artist doing my printing rather than a technician. You understood what I wanted. The print came out just great and the colors just what I wanted. Thanks again ---- John Mcpherson of thefractalstoreandmuseum.com

.....The beauty you produce is unique, and you provide excellent service. My display was finished last night and it is getting more than my normal amount of fascination. I would swear the 16 feet of postered bulletin board breathes!!! I looked up from the floor as I was cleaning up and fell backward as though I had been pushed. ---- Debbie G.

Thank You,

Dale Adcock
Redford MI 48239

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